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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/28/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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“Yespers is New Nature.” The team at design agency Brandnew was asked to design a fresh identity, packaging, and communication Yespers’ first product: 100% natural smoothie spreads. The company has not only created a tasty and healthy product, but it wanted to ensure its honest values were also at the forefront of the design.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Yespers believes the equal importance of consumer, farmer and the world around us is most important. With all focus on keeping the food chain as short and pure as possible, Yesper created an answer to the fast growing mass production. By eliminating the unnecessary processes, the way from source, to product, to plate, can be kept as short as possible. The band between consumer and producer will be restored and in that way we all can keep enjoying healthy, variable and payable food on the long term.”

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“The team of Brandnew managed to design a fresh label of this first born product of Yespers: Smoothie Spread. This pure visualisation of ‘New Nature’ represents the essence of this new brand and witnesses the simple and honest look and feel. New Dutch design with a clear focus on the core of the Yespers brand; bring farmers and consumers closer to each other. Connect old traditions with new technics.”

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Yespers avoids busy packaging and lets the images of the fruits and veggies as well as the rich color and texture of the product shine. The spreads come in small clear jars, and packaging around the jars informs the buyer what ingredients go into each product. It communicates clearly while utilizing the beautiful colors of each fruit.

“The design question we were asked: bring Yesper to life! Give him a visual identity and his own look and feel. Create an iconic packaging design, right in ?the heart of the brand essence. The outside of the label is all about foodiness. On the inside we tell the story of Yespers ?in a contemporary infographic layout. The logo of Yespers is designed in the shape of a barn. Open ?and transparent in simple black and white. Quite obvious but essential and simple.”

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Designed by: Brandnew

Country: The Netherlands

City: Amsterdam