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Woodford Reserve Distillery Series

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/05/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Woodford Reserve introduces their Distillery Series that contain two of their rich-flavored Bourbon Whiskeys. The Bottle designs are kept cohesive and minimal with a clear glass bottle sealed with a cork stopper. The labels are lined with a scalloped edge and stamped with a serial number. The distiller's signature can be found on the small label wrapped around the bottles' neck along with a brief description of the distilling process. Each whiskey is created in small batches to preserve the complex flavors and authenticity of the brand.

"An eclectic line of one-of-a-kind expressions, Distillery Series pushes the creative boundaries of whiskeys to the extreme. Each selection is masterminded by Master Distiller Chris Morris, and is available for purchase at the Woodford Reserve Distillery and select Kentucky retailers.

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"Sweet Mash Redux, with prominent fruit and herbal flavor notes, is not new to Woodford Reserve, who in 2008 released Sweet Mash Finish as part of its Master’s Collection series. While traditional Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select is a sour mash bourbon, modifying the fermentation process to include a non-soured mash creates a bourbon of higher pH effect and heightened fruit notes throughout."

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"Double Double Oaked is the result of finishing mature Woodford Reserve Double Oaked for an additional year in its second, heavily toasted lightly charred new oak barrel. The extra year in the barrel creates a bourbon that is distinctly spicier than its original counterpart, known for its sweeter taste and finish."

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Country: United States

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