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Jackson's Honest Chips

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Looking for a healthy snack? Open up a bag of Jackson's Honest Chips. Designed by Vermilion, healthy, coconut oil-fried chips pack loads of flavor in bags illustrated with a farmer overlooking his plot of land. What makes this brand unique is it's story and passion to create a snack that will not only benefit their family but every other household in the US. 

"Scott and Meagan Reamer founded Jackson's Honest chips out of a desire to provide healthy fats for their son, who was struggling with an undiagnosed illness that attacked his motor-skills. So they started frying potato chips in coconut oil and quickly turned their new discovery into a profitable business. When their company was ready to take the next step, they asked Vermilion to redesign packaging on several products and to create new packaging for their tortilla chips, now sold in more than 100 outlets nationwide, including Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage. Located in the heart of the natural foods industry in Boulder, Colorado, Vermilion has also worked on packaging for ThePressery juices, Door to Door Organics, and New Planet beer."

Editorial photograph

Designer/Illustrator: Julia Williams 

Designed by Vermilion

Country: United States