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by Traci Gibbs on 10/29/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Bold and psychedelic, the packaging design for these Daqustic speakers is loud, just like they music they output. Daqustic is an engineering and sound design studio that understands the importance of creating acoustically suitable environments into any living space. In need of a brand identity that would express this abstract concept they turned to the Mexico based Sabbath Visuals for a solution. 

Sabbath Visuals created a brand concept that was based on how sound waves travel and bounces through the different spaces they are projected into. The visual representation of sound waves for this project is a mixture of strong, curvy lines combined with softer keylines, creating a high contrast between line weights and shapes. Continuing this high contrast art direction, Sabbath Visuals chose to work with a black and white color palette which would reflect the cohesive and timeless language of sound. The result is abstract and fearless. 

“The product packaging was designed for a speaker created with raw materials such as cement pad and dark wood.”

For the speaker’s packaging Sabbath Visuals experimented with specialty print finishes such as silver foil and letterpress. And, unlike most audio products, Daqustic doesn't feature a blown up image of the product on their packaging. Discreetly placed alongside the specs is a thin lined illustration of the speakers which sit inside. Sabbath Visuals is counting on the strong and unique art direction to catch consumer’s attention and draw them in to learn more. The Daqustic brand identity is a bold statement and daring in its departure away from the industry norm.

Designed by Sabbath Visuals

Country: Mexico

Photography: Nation Visual


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