Doisy & Dam Chocolate

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/22/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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I discovered Doisy & Dam chocolates when I was living in London last year and fell IN LOVE with their packaging design. It stood out in the chocolate bar market, with their bright palette and pattern of teeny tiny stars covering the entire box. Having recently launched their light range of Organic Chocolate, I was thrilled to see the new packaging was even more beautiful than the original. 

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Doisy & Dam chose to work with the Brighton based Shut Up Studio for this project and they did not disappoint. They were very involved in the visual research phase of the project, sending over many examples of what they had been thinking about for this second line of their chocolate bars. In this mix, Shut Up Studio saw a theme emerging – bold, abstract and geometric. Taking this inspiration, they dove in and developed a concept that would remain aligned with the original brand, but took it to the next level - Doisy & Dam 2.0.Taking into consideration the brand’s current color palette and the star based pattern, Shut Up Studio created a range of beautiful and bright geometric patterns. The spectrum of designs feels like a high-end set of stationery, something I could see myself writing a thank you card on. This design work is on point! Trendy geometric shapes (look at those triangles & chevron stripes) combined with a complimentary color palette that reimagines the original one and takes it one step further. 

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One of the details I love most is the use of patterns to make up the patterns. You can see how some of the geometric shapes are actually made up of very thin stripes, rather than a solid colored shape. The combination of solid and striped shapes adds a subtle texture into an oridinarily flat design. With each pattern being unique to the chocolate bar flavor, this line would be considered collectible in my world. I’d buy one of each, line them up on my shelf and simply enjoy looking at them. The original Doisy & Dam’s bright colored packaging was a point of difference in the competitive chocolate marketplace. Shut Up Studios did not disappoint in bringing this “pop” to the design drawing board and then taking it 3 steps further. Dazzling, decorative and delightful.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: Beth Salter

Printer: Duncan Print

Designed by Shut Up Studio

Client: Doisy & Dam

Country: United Kingdom

City: London & Brighton

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