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The Marshmallowist

by Emily Felipe on 10/21/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Marshmallows are white and puffy clouds of sugar that add an extra touch to hot chocolate and s’mores. They are generally overlooked, seen more as a basic garnish than an actual treat. Now, marshmallows finally have their chance in the spotlight — complete with a new look and some fresh flavors. The Marshmallowist teamed up with Veronica Lethorn and Eve Warren in order to create some colorful packaging for the London-based luxury brand.

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The Marshmallowist is truly unique, transforming the ordinary marshmallow into handcrafted sweets that appeal to a refined palate and our sweet tooth. The packaging showcases the marshmallows’ color and texture with a hexagonal die cut combined with a fun colorful palette that matches the brand’s core values. A custom typeface is used throughout the system, adding an extra splash of personality to its playful look. In addition, the geometric blocks of color on the packaging elevate The Marshmallowist as a high-end boutique brand. The sleek angles are clean and cutting-edge, just like how the brand is changing the industry’s perspective on the typical marshmallow.

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The packages are showcased with quirky, abstract patterns that nicely accentuate the amount of creative expression within the brand’s overall vision. The circular, hand-painted strokes highlight the adventurous spirit that was breathed into creating these treats.

The Marshmallowist obviously aims to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in with the rest. Through the bold color palette and unconventional packaging, the brand only proves that they really “are the definitive marshmallow experts.”

Editorial photograph

Designer: Veronica Lethorn

Photographer/Art Director: Eve Warren

Client: The Marshmallowist

Country: United Kingdom

City: London