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Cadbury Halloween Cakes

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/20/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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One of the best things about Halloween is that it lets the child in us come out to play. For Cadbury’s Halloween Cakes, they turned to Robot Food to create something perfect for the spooky season.

“Premier Foods wanted to create a spookier, more thrilling Cadbury’s Halloween experience. Robot Food brought their existing range back for the scary season with some devilishly good design. Halloween is a prime opportunity for brands to unleash their imagination and delight consumers. In need of inspiration, Premier Foods asked Robot Food for some innovative thinking to breathe new life and seasonal taste appeal into Cadburys Halloween cake range.”

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“From cauldrons to witches’ broomsticks (which are flying off shelves), the standout designs take traditional Halloween paraphernalia and add gruesome colourways, a spooky tone of voice and dashes of ghoulish humour. Not only do the results strike right at the heart of Cadburys’ Joyful brand proposition, they also introduce festive touches of in-store theatre that retailers were so hungry for.”

The Cadbury Halloween Cakes embrace what a sweet Halloween treat should—it’s fun and playfully scary. Colors that suit the holiday appear on the packaging, like rich purple, a glowing green, and pitch black. Images of bats and gravestones make it a natural choice for a Halloween treat, making Cadbury a prime choice for the holiday.

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Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director, adds, “Our work combines the true spirit of Halloween with lighthearted family fun, bringing a much-needed sense of unity to the range. We had a great time coming up with new format ideas and we think the designs will give everyone goosebumps. For all the right reasons.”

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Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds