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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/21/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Enjoy the herb of the gods. Akarna is a new tea brand from Greece. Originally a small family company that primarily sold locally, they are now branching out to a wider audience. Dylsectic designed the branding and packaging for Akarna with something beautiful that also features the beautiful mountain range from where the family estates are located.

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“Akarna offers a selection of tea products, grown at the feet of the Acarnanian Mountains in Greece. Akarna's online shop is aiming to bring their products to the world. The packaging and website designed for their initial flavours, is inspired from the company's own plantations and the scenery around the Acarnanian Mountains.”

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Akarna’s design is delicate and wholesome, incorporating the Acarnanian Mountains on the front of the label and full tea benefits and the company story on the back. Both the branding and packaging are kept simple, with the bags being either white or black with one additional color for the images and text. The bags of tea are resealable to keep the product fresh, allowing the brand to achieve its goal of expansion and to increase its reach for the modern market.

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Designed by Dylsectic

Country: Greece

City: Athens