Velo Coffee Roasters

by Traci Gibbs on 10/19/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Velo Coffee Roasters is a young, progressive wholesale roastery and cafe in Chattanooga, TN. Motivated by five years of growth in Chattanooga, but looking to expand nationally and convey improvements in coffee sourcing, they turned to Travis Hitchcock at Widgets & Stone to create a cleaner, bolder package. Two hits of white on an 18pt Auto-Bottom Tuck-End box lend a sophisticated, yet approachable feel to the box. They drew inspiration from vintage automotive and manufacturing packaging to build a cohesive, yet easily distinguishable portfolio of coffees. Blue, red, and white labels showcase the seasonal lot names, tasting notes, and roast date. To direct focus to what's inside the box (12oz. whole bean coffee in a valved and sealed bag), lot names take primary visual emphasis, even over the company's subtly updated logo. 

Vélo is french for "bicycle," and to help Velo stay true to their roots as a Tennessean company delivering coffee on bikes, Travis created an icon comprising the three stars of the Tennessee state flag inside a bicycle chain ring. Those three stars are reinforced by single stars on the front, top, and back of the box, where minimal copy conveys Velo's drive to leave convention at the door in pursuit of accessible, excellent coffee.

We'd describe the overall aesthetic as vaguely nostalgic, warm, efficient, and Tennessean. On either side of the box is a bicycle chain ring around the three stars of the state flag. There's a short blast of copy on the back and single stars on the front, top, and back. We also revamped our logo for this project. We drew inspiration from vintage automotive oil cans, Cracker Jack, and manufacturing Americana to create a unified, yet easily distinguishable coffee portfolio.

Designed by Travis Hitchcock

Client: Velo Coffee Roasters

Country: United States

Creative Director: Spencer Perez

 Printer/Manufacturer: SoOPA


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