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Red Arrow Brewing Company

by Traci Gibbs on 10/19/2015 | 1 Minute Read

New brands need strong and bold personalities to stand out and to differ themselves from the others.

Factor Creative had been tasked with developing the brewery name, overarching brand image, beer names, labels, illustration, art direction and marketing plan for a new brewery. The brewery is housed in a former custom motorcycle shop (Arrow Customs) and this heritage was chosen as brand name for the brewery itself, linking the new venture with the past of the building. Not only the branding was inspired by the world of motorcycles, but the custom motorcycle theme was then used for the naming and design of the beer ‘Kustom Kolsch’, one of the six beers in the range.

Talking about this project, Adam Balls says: “ The overall vibe and personality of the brewery maintains a touch of that carefree spirit- a real homage to that industry”. Each beer has its own unique name and personality with big and bold illustrations that support each individual story.

A beautiful example of bringing to life the authenticity and brand history on the packaging design.

Designer: Adam Ball

Illustrator: Adam Ball

Creative Director: Adam Ball

Designed by Factor Creative

Country: Canada


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