CES 2015 Packaging Spotlight: Bluetooth Helmet Speakers, Ear Buds and Something for the Kids

by Jessica Deseo on 01/09/2015 | 5 Minute Read

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Jamie Capozzi from Theory Associates takes us through Day 3 of CES 2105 Conference. 

On day three of the Consumer Electronics Show, I spent the entire day walking the North Hall. Now at first this might sound a bit lazy, until you understand that its two massive floors are packed with exhibitors selling products in boxes, which is not the norm for this show. The central hall, for example, is full of the sexy big-ticket items  like TVs and cars…not exactly the type of brands that are going to live or die by their packaging. However, the North Hall is where the bulk of products requiring packaging are shown, which made for a really interesting day. I found four really cool packaging designs that stood out from the pack.

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Plantronics:Over the years, these guys consistently produce a really nice product. This year we saw great industrial design headed by Darrin Caddes and a really attractive packaging concept headed by Art Director Jeff Brand. They kept the design language really simple, both typographically and visually, by reinforcing the product color though the packaging design. Great product renderings and an elegant foil stamp in the Plantronics shape resonated with the elements that have tied their brand together for over a decade. But the best part is the paper pulp inserts that hold the product are just beautiful. Simple packaging, done really well. 

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iFrogs:Headphone packaging made for kids. iFrogs Kristin McGeorge created a super fun illustrative design that literally “speaks” from the shelf through a little cartoon bullhorn. Great use of color and whimsical design language, Nice work.

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Tough Tested:Inspired by construction and tools, this packaging just screams "rugged.” Designer Victor Mariano said that he wanted the packaging to feel at home in Home Depot and I say he nailed it. Previous packaging designs in the Tough Tested line don’t have the same fee,l but this redesign makes me feel like I can drive over it with a pickup truck (which is what they were going for). Mission accomplished.

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Outdoor Tech:I’m a sucker for typographically-driven packaging that you can read from ten feet away, and Outdoor Tech's line really presses that button-heavy and hard. Then you take a closer look and realize that their logo is a Yeti? That is then framed with really interesting graphic style to their information design. This design language is carried through the entire line and from their polybags to their more expensive magnet enclosures. I can’t love this design enough thanks to Mikie Krisztal the designer who came up with this striking design.

By: Jamie Capozzi - Theory Associates 

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