CES 2015 Packaging Spotlight: Smart Health Packaging

by Jessica Deseo on 01/07/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Jamie Capozzi from Theory Associates has recapped day one of CES, a consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. A show that showcases over 20,000 new products. With 160,000 people in attendance and a footprint that takes up most of the city, you better have a plan if they’re going to be able to take it all in. So, on the first day of the show I decided to avoid the masses that would be converging on the Las Vegas Convention Center and head over the Sands Convention Center to check out all of the wearable technology stuff. Wearables are huge this year compared to what was showing last year and the category has appeared to explode. Now, in terms of new product packaging most of the bigger brands in the space have not changed the whole lot. In fact, Fitbit didn’t even bring any product packaging with them to the show. Thankfully for us a few brands decided to show some really impressive packaging and two brands that stood out in my opinion where Misfit and Tuny.

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Misfit: ShineI liked this packaging at first because it’s clean and professional but when you take a closer look you’ll notice a lot more going on. I talked with Misfits Vice President of Product and Design, Tim Golnick, and he brought me though a few the design nuisances that revealed a very well thought out retail presentation. For starters, at first glance the mark for the Misfit brand looks like an M that in fact is made to look like a bowtie. This is meant to signify the intersection of fashion and technology and of course the word “fit” is still in the word Misfit which is a clever way to tie into the fitness monitor category. To accommodate the need to work in 51 languages the design team employed series of sleeves that can be be placed over the more expansive main compartment. You can call this a cost cutting measure until you realize that there are 6 magnets incorporated into this packaging solution and all together the costs per package can be around $4 which totally blew me away. This also might be why you really feel a sense of value when you hold it in your hand as well. Good, solid design and top notch materials elevate Misfit above their competition.

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Tuny: Tuny Watch

Not yet selling at retail, Tuny plans to start shipping their fitness watches by April of 2015. Now, before I haul off into a gushing rendition of packaging accolades, it’s important to note this packaging is a mockup. A mockup that uses only foil stamping and spot varnishes to render all of the graphics on the packaging. It is, in a word…awesome. I like to talk about the job of product packaging is to install the sufficient amount of craving in the mind of a customer to spur on a sale and this packaging does it. More impressive is that it accomplishes this without any of the “normal” messaging that brands tend to include on packaging. There’s no real product name, no positioning statement, no icons, just some pretty incredible graphics, executed in a really slick way. But what’s most impressive about this packaging is the fact that I want to buy it without being able to see the product inside. Well done designer Alex Gon.

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By: Jamie Capozzi  - Theory Associates Cover Images Via: Branwork

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