CES 2015 Packaging Spotlight: Headphones and Cases

by Jessica Deseo on 01/08/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Day 2 at CES and we go from Smart Health Packaging to Headphones and Cases. Jamie takes through the second day of CES and with a focus on Headphones and Cases seen throughout the event.

From the time you get off the plane in Las Vegas during the week of the the Consumer Electronics Show, it feels like the city has been taken over. Every signage opportunity is tech related, from the airport to the hotels. Even buildings themselves are wrapped with advertising messages for companies exhibiting at the show. Hotels are converted into exhibit space by moving out the furniture and then rolling in products and display fixtures. Multiple convention halls are utilized such as with the Sands or the Westgate, but the epicenter of it all is the Las Vegas Convention Center. This place consists of 3 gigantic tradeshow halls and a massive parking lot that is converted into usable space with the use of tents and stages. Trying to cover it all in one day is impossible, so today we concentrated on smartphone cases and headphones, and we found 3 stand out packaging designs.

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Kicker: Tabor HeadphonesThis packaging just makes a bold statement even in one of the busiest place on the planet. Strong color scheme and a visual design that mimics their brand. In a category with so much competition it’s very hard to stand out but Kicker did it with a "less is more" approach and the confidence not to over do it.

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Octa: iPad StandsWhat caught my eye about this packaging is the background texture. It’s a little geometric and a lot nebula looking, but overall it creates this great feeling. After all, the product category is not exactly exciting so the packaging design is going to have to do some heavy lifting. That being said, these particular products are designed very well so it’s not surprising that so is their product packaging.

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Andmesh: Smart Phone CasesThis packaging was like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise formulaic hall full of rather average packaging. Andmesh is a Japanese case company that made a really simple packaging design that works on a few different levels. First, they kept the design simple with their main message being that their products are designed and made in Japan but then went a step further to actually make the shape of the packaging and the die cut inspired by the Japanese flag itself. Cute yes, but this waving structure also nests very well when merchandised at retail.  Very clever.

By: Jamie Capozzi - Theory Associates 

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