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by Jessica Deseo on 01/12/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Delicious Twinings commissioned BrandOpus to design the recently launched infusions range of Twinings Tea. The result is a bright, illustrative, and bold design. 

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"The challenge to BrandOpus was to reinvent regular tea, which has become commoditised and uninspiring on shelf. The agency saw the need to reignite people’s passion for quality and great taste by making Twinings the contemporary drink of choice through a visually more approachable, relevant and modern brand presentation."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"BrandOpus have introduced a new architecture system, a brighter colour palette and an overall presentation which evokes surprise and delight. The new architecture system is delivered through a central lozenge device. This allows greater clarity between the different ranges, whilst being held together by a consistent visual thread of vibrant fluid shapes and movement. 

The new Premium Black Tea range has a dramatic design that aims to transport you into the actual origin of the teas, onto the Kenyan safari plains, or into the midst of an Indian festival. Each blend tells a different story that flows from the outside of the carton, through to the inside and onto the envelope and the tag, to deliver an experience that hits all the senses."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The new loose leaf and loose leaf pyramids range features the world’s best tasting teas. The pyramid mesh bags are packed within a new re-sealable pouch format to protect their delicate flavour. The design is dynamic, bringing fluid movement through bold shapes with energy, in a way that conveys the idea of brewing and the wonderful aroma coming from the teacup. 

Heather Hartridge, Marketing Director at Twinings, said of the project,“BrandOpus has partnered with us strategically and creatively to redefine consumers’ perceptions of Premium Tea through designs that reflect the evocative world of Twinings tea in an accessible yet ever stylish way.” 

The first installment of the re-launch will be on shelves in Waitrose from late October. Origins launch with a range of six blends, including Bold Kenyan and Moroccan Mint, and The Loose Leaf range launches with 13 pyramids mesh and 3 loose pouches.

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Agency: BrandOpus City, Country: London, UK

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