by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/06/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Introducing America's first probiotic juice drink, Goodbelly. This beverage, designed by LRXD, is formulated to give consumers the nutrition found in probiotic dairy products without the dairy. With a vibrant arrangement of fruit against a chalkboard background, the design aims to create a dramatic yet playful contrasting look, ultimately standing out from other juice competitiors. 

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"What you eat and drink has so much to do with your overall health. And where does that health get started? In your gut, your digestive tract — your belly. That’s why you should start every day with a GoodBelly. The brand came to health-focused advertising agency LRXD to evolve the look of their probiotic juice drink to be more ownable, consistent and to boost the flavor appeal across all SKUs."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

"It was crucial the new design instantly convey the most important health benefits to fickle consumers. As America’s only probiotic-based juice drink (others are dairy-based), the new look now screams “juice” — a big deal for people who want probiotic benefits, without the dairy. For GoodHealth, grab yourself a glass. Because when your belly smiles, the rest of you does too."

Editorial photograph

Designed by LRXD

Client: NextFoods

Country: United States

City: Denver

Designer: Brian Son

Creative Directors: Kelly Reedy & Jamie Reedy

Copywriter: Jamie Reedy

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