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The Scented Candle

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Stripping down to the bare minimum is what the Simon Freund Studio did for The Scented Candle. A pure Zen experience is taken in with the smell of herbal aromas without the distraction of an overly designed label. Clean, Pure, and beautifully embossed with the scent's name and wrapped around a tin canister perfect for your modernist friend. 

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"The SIMON&ME Scented Candle marks the first item produced in our design studio in Berlin. 100% Made in Germany, the candle enriches its surrounding with a uniquely-compelling scent. Available in three different scents, each candle has its individual character: Rosemary is a relaxingly warm, herbal scent; Lemongrass typifies a surprisingly fresh character; while Mountain Pine is a calm woods-inspired scent."

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"The Scented Candle is made of raps wax, one of the most ecologically friendly and natural waxes. Highest-quality ring spun yarns are used for our wicks. Burning time is roughly 40 hours." "While the Scented Candle is nicely wrapped into a hand-printed label, removing the banderole will reveal the metal tin’s industrial yet clean underlying appearance."

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Designed by Simon Freund

Country: Germany 

City: Berlin

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