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Brooks Dry Cider

by Elena Massucco on 01/27/2015 | 1 Minute Read

The California Republic was a short-lived, unrecognized state that - for a few weeks in 1846- military controlled the area to the north of the San Francisco Bay. The term appeared only on the flag which featured the image of a grizzly bear and became known as the Bear Flag. Designer Tosh Hall took inspiration from this historical movement to design the brand identity and logo for Brooks Dry Cider, a new California cider fermented in Napa. Brooks the Bear, the character depicted on the packaging was created to represent the link between the cider and its West Coast Heritage. 

What is really interesting in this packaging is how the very bold and serious iconography of Brooks the Bear on the outer pack contrasts with the very sweet and funny illustrations on the labels. 

“In a given label Brooks is actively enjoying the State’s near-perfect weather by skydiving, cycling, riding a motorcycle or cruising in a convertible. The four-pack design wraps around the box and forms a seamless banner with the mascot when placed side by side. Opening the case reveals a larger print of the bear while the outside succinctly describes the cider: Brooks is crisp and light with a mighty good bite.”A bold typography using straightforward black and white colours works successfully on the beer carriers and cartons. The distinct traits of the cider need nothing more than a simple but impactful attention grabber.

Designed by Tosh Hall

Country: United States

City: San Francisco

Creative Director: Tosh Hall 

Illustrator: Luke Dixon 

Photography: Victoria Pearson


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