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Editorial photograph

Rizovoli, a Greek brand specializing in Kimi fig products, gets lots of love from designers over at Costas Polatoglou. Delicious sundried desserts are softened up with pastel colors of pink and blue and boxed with a cut-out hourglass heart design. Finally, Fig bars, honey, and jam are given that "girlish" vibe with a seed pattern imprinted onto their surface.

"The strategy was to provide a contemporary image to the company and the products, avoiding to invest in nostalgic feelings or traditional elements."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"The company's symbol consists of the shape of a heart which, when flipped vertically, gives the shape of a fresh fig. These two combinedressemble the shape of a split fig - this is the way Kimi figs are sorted on racks and let to dry in the sun. The design of the packaging is aiming to give the essence of a discreetly heterogeneous family, as the nature of the products allows them to fit in a quite wide range of selling points, fromsuper markets to delis and kiosks. Whole sundried Kimi figs are available in 2 packaging editions aiming in 2 different types of selling points: a small - and more luxurious one - to be available in delis and liquor stores, and a large one to be available in ordinary food markets."

Editorial photograph

The blind debossing on the front side of the small box imitates the dry figs on the drying rack. The small box consists of a sleeve and a drawer made of black Papago card stock that is adding elegance to the product. The photographs used in both boxes are giving the customer a soulful view of what it's like to be in a fig-tree filed in late August - the season of fig harvesting."

Editorial photograph

Designed by Costas Polatoglou

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Photograph on small box: Costas Lambrou 

Photographs on large box and Fig Bars: Costas Polatoglou 

Product photographs: yiorgoskaplanidis.com 

Printing: Printopack S.A.

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