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by Elena Massucco on 01/05/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Design agency Proxy created the brand identity and packaging for Frill, a brand new frozen dessert produced by a London-based manufacturer of healthy food. The added value of the job Proxy did relies in the creation of a completely new brand category for this product, the “Frozen Smoothie”. This concept captures the customer’s attention, as it is not a frozen yogurt, nor an ice cream.

“The transparent packaging shows the natural texture of the product. Its natural goodness is highlighted - gluten free, lactose-free, vegan-friendly, 10x more fibre than in ice cream, and no added sugar. 

The simple graphic design is meant to stand out among the busy UK FMCG brands and to be cost efficient to produce. Logotype is refined by Dalton Maag, the acclaimed type company.” 

The branding appeals to children and adults alike, especially with the introduction of the Frill Bear and its visual expressions, which describe the different flavours of the product in a visual and engaging way.

Designed by Proxy

Client: Zendegii Frill Ltd. 

Country: United Kingdom

Designers: Aapo Bovellan, Gernot Preslmayer 

Project Management & Research: Miia Bovellan 

Logotype refinement: Dalton Maag 

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