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Cookoovaya House Wine

by Elena Massucco on 01/29/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Cookoovaya is the name of a range of Greek wines, cultivated by the Gkirlemi familiy with love and respect for the environment. The name generation is at the center of the whole label design and evolves around of nature’s most fascinating birds: owls. 

“The name was chosen based primarily on the identification of the owl with knowledge and wisdom, aiming to show the deep knowledge of its chefs and their gastronomic'wisdom.' On a second level, the name connects the owl –whose vision is excellent both during the day and the night- with eating out in a restaurant, something that can be done noon or evening” says Chris Trivizas, designer of the packaging. 

The logo was designed to replicate the eyes of the owl but also, as these wines are solid in restaurants, to reflect the design of hotplates in a professional kitchen. The four different varieties feature clean and simple typography. Each variety is identified by a big letter which differentiates clearly the different bottles but also creates an unified identity for these bottles and for the ones that will follow. A very clever and interesting feature is that, once the label is rotated, its width equals the maximum rotation ability of an owl’s head: 270 degrees - which is then nicely embossed on the label.

Designed by Chris Trivizas

Client: Cookoovaya 

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Creative Director:Chris Trivizas Brand Naming:Della Zagkouroglou Text Editor: Sissy Caravia Font:Parachute  Label Print: Label Press Ribbon Paper:Perrakis Papers Ribbon Print:Kontorousis Bros.  Photography: Math Studio


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