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Student: Intelligo

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/16/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Designed by Pearlyn Lii Christina Hsu , Intelligo is creating an experience for the newly blind with smart living aids.  To encourage a continuation of outdoor actitivities, the designers tested out prototypes and their tactility with a newly blind 30 year-old women within a 14-Week time period.   "The current market of living aids for the disabled and shopping experience do not cater to the needs of the newly blind population. As their needs are most pronounce, they need extra support to guide them in a new way of life. Intelligo guides them through the learning process of using the aids, from the moment of purchase to when he opens the packages. The tactility allows him to identify the product and feel secure in receiving something made for him/her. Intelligo utilizes braille for the user, while the labels around the packaging visually identify the product for the influencers, who provide help for the users. Ergonomic factors are considered, as the newly blind are wary of touching foreign objects that are sent to their doorstep. The living aids include a smart cane with an integrated voice recognition GPS, accompanied by an earpiece that provides verbal directions; and 3 replacement white tips for the smart cane."

Designed by Pearlyn Lii Christina Hsu

Instructor: Dan Hoy

Country: United States


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