Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/16/2015 | 1 Minute Read

Happy Friday everyone! Wondering what students and design firms are conceptualizing? Check out this week's Concepts We Wish Were Real to find out.

Gragnano - pasta asciutta italiana 


"Gragnano is a Brazilian brand of pasta that intend to bring the Italian tradition to the table of the Brazilians. With handmade features, Gragnano seeks to be a premium brand that offers a quality product to its customers, inspired by the Italian cuisine."

Illustrations of floating pasta printed onto tubular kraft containers act as a playful identifier between the assorted collection. A ribbon, wrapped around the spaghetti adds a personal touch to the product making the consumer believe that it was handled with care and a lot of love was given to making it. 

Designed by Evoke Design

Country: Brazil

Inka Premium



Here is another animated beverage that uses the trick of thermochromic ink to create a magic trick. Brown beer bottles are silkscreened with a visible white tribal pattern that once put in the freezer, show their colors of red, blue, and green.

"Handcrafted Beer inspired in Pre-Columbian culture from Ecuador. Each type of beer has a unique label design with patterns taken from the Inca´s fabrics; the thermochromic ink partial hides the design of each label until the beer gets cold, this goes with the concept of the sign the "gods" give to you if you are the 'chosen one'."

Designed by JP Branding

Country: Ecuador

Pella Pickled Goods


Pella is a whimsical line of pickled goods with a design inspired by snowy weather. Created by Kristmar, clear glass jars are wrapped in pure white, embellished with thin gold branches. The overall concept feels cozy despite the stark layout. It is nostalgic, reminding me of cold winter nights up on the mountain cuddling up by the fireplace.  

"Pella is an imaginary organic pickled goods company. I created branding and packaging for three products: olives, onions and pimentos. The motif, I used is based on an olive branch. It reinforces the fact that the products are organic and "100% homegrown" and the simplification of the illustrations reflects the simple ingredients list. Gold foil was used on all elements of the design to illustrate the superior quality of the product."

Designed by Kristmar Muldrow

Country: United States

George Karelias and Sons


"Label redesign proposal for the Greek tobacco company Karelia. The goal of the project was to design something fresh and clean. I tried to create a classic feeling considering the history of the company but also appealing to young people through typography. The label is based on a grid inspired by techniques from the book "Grid Systems" by Kimberly Elam."

 Designed by Nikos Giuris

Country: Greece

Reed Diffuser


"Rive Gauche’s new reed diffuser was designed to be directly competing with current diffuser brands. Logo was re-branded and vessel, reeds and stone were carefully selected. Overall package was based on the special pattern that reminds of the fragrance of the diffuser and the outside box was wrapped with leather appealing fabric to add elegant feeling. These designs are part of a school assignment by students andis in no way representative of designs or intentions of the commercial Orgran trademark or company."

Designed by Yebina Kang

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

Path- Cleaning Product Range


"Cleaning product that can be set to leave a vague, disappearing colour layer. Helping the consumer to make sure that they have cleaned every bit of the surface. Cleaners fading time can be pre-set before and adjusted during the use. This allows for a degree of flexibility when cleaning either small or large surface areas. It also greatly helps people suffering from OCD - by stopping them from scrubbing the same areas over and over again. The fading colour layer of this cleaning solution is made possible by including thymolphthalein and phenolphthalein. These chemicals are commonly used in making the disappearing ink. They slowly fade after reacting with oxygen. I wanted this design to be highly distinguishable from the typical cleaning products. To allow the consumer to keep it in the open if needed the package has a perfume bottle lookto it. Sprays are equipped with hidden handle and colouring agent dispense button. Floor cleaning liquid is in concentrated and requires mixing with water before use. Cap is being used to measure the fading time of the cleaner. If by mistake, the cap was over filled it is easy to pour the excess liquid back into the bottle."

Designed by Sergej Amelin

Country: United Kingdom

Under Skin


"This is a packaging concept to a skin care family products. The brand environment is around the science and technological treatment. The first thing associated with science is the lab stuff like glass test tubes, metals and pipettes. The shapes of this things are very particular and the intention of design was to appropriate of it to give identity to the packages. This is an expensive product and to accomplish the price, aluminum were used on the caps and glass on the body, to give a clean and sophisticated visual. The inspirations for this job came from the design of Dieter Rams, and the onlyelement that lingers in the design are the shapes of the tubes."

Designed by Christopher Chefel

Country: Brazil


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