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Superfantastic Pink Pepper

by Elena Massucco on 01/14/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Gin is in the throes of a renaissance. Over the last few years, more and more premium brands have inspired a new wave of pop-up gin bars, tasting nights and events in London and across the UK. Especially at Christmas, Brits love nothing more than an indulgent glass of festive gin & tonic. Hence, the team at London agency Superfantastic decide to donate this moment of indulgence and pleasure to their friends and clients with a small batch of carefully crafted and unique in flavour gin - and they obviously created a beautiful packaging to brand their present. 

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Made by Audemus Spirits in Cognac (France) the gin “owes its fabulous flavours to a festive mix of spices, pink pepper, juniper and four other botanicals. Brought together by the warmth of vanilla, tonic infusions and a distillate of locally sourced honey.”“We designed a sharp and delicate label to compliment the purity and precise festive flavours of our Superfantastic Pink Pepper Gin, not forgetting to include our punchy brand favourite, fluorescent orange.”We love this strong piece of self-promotion as it delivers a great and clever branding and a moment of festive indulgence.

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Designed bSuperfantastic

Client: Audemus Spirits 

Country: United Kingdom

City: London