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Library of Chocolate

by Elizabeth Freeman on 01/15/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Feast your eyes on an extra large box filled with assorted chocolate. Designed by CHOCOLATE NAIVE, slabs of pure heaven are stacked on a bookshelf, color coded to identify one from another. The cacao percentage is displayed with mathematic angles while a man on a unicycle sits at the base of the package.

"Chocolate Naive has great pleasure in introducing the “Back to the Origins“ collection in white box with 12 chocolate bars. With every piece of chocolate made, we try to give away a piece of our philosophy, our land and our fresh countryside air. Every chocolate bar is like a chapter in the Chocolate Naive story book. Taking you through the mountains of Nicaragua, confessing first love, recollecting childhood memories, gazing at bees. Experience a piece of mystery for yourself."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph



Country: Lithuania

Creative Directors: Arunas Matacius & Domatas Uzpalis 

Art Director: Karolis Kosas

Designer: Marga Pieva

Photographer: Augis Narmontas 

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