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Animal Gift Wrap

by Jessica Deseo on 09/09/2014 | 2 Minute Read

A gift wrap that allows your personal touch combined with fun. This adorable gift wrap will bring the kid out of anyone with its adorable cat, penguin or mouse wrapping papers. Luckies of London, the designers and manufacturers of unique gifts, have taken gift-wrapping to a whole new - and cute - level!

"Born out of the idea that the act of giving a gift should be just as special as what's inside, whether it's a Bear-thday, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzva, we all want our presents to be remembered. Animal Gift Wrap is the perfect solution to adding a personal touch, with minimum fuss and maximum impact! Luckies have always made innovative gifts with a difference but now you can wrap them up as the creature of your choice before giving to your nearest and dearest."
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"Christmas Polar bears and Penguins, Anniversary Elephants and Birthday Bunnies, with 24 combinations to choose from there will always be an appropriately awesome animal for each occassion. Chances are they'll love the cute character so much they won't give two hoots about what's inside. So there's probably no need to tell them it's just a cardboard box... "

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Via: London of LuckiesCountry: United Kingdom

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