Honolulu Cookie Company

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/05/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Honolulu Cookie Company designed this inviting box featuring the fruit of Hawaii. The pineapple, outlined in red, green, or yellow, braces the side of the container acting as a magnetic lid. The pungent color, accenting the brown base, trails along the sides with a checkerboard pattern overlay. The packaging is opened like a book reveling a triptych tower structure of eatable delights.

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“Honolulu Cookie Company started in 1998 when entrepreneurs, Keith and Janet Sung, developed a premium shortbread cookie. Because he is an artist, Keith wanted to develop something unique—a cookie that represented Hawaiian hospitality. His trademarked pineapple-shape shortbread cookie in island inspired flavors was born.They added this new product and brand to their wholesale business, which featured quality gifts for the visitor market.Initially the brand was available through wholesale and direct marketing efforts. Soon retail stores were opened to meet the demand. Today Honolulu Cookie Company cookies can be found throughout the United States and the Pacific.”
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph
“All of our cookies are baked fresh each morning, hand-dipped in chocolate, and are made using only the finest ingredients and natural flavors from Hawaii! We pack our cookies by hand in our unique signature packaging to ensure that each box can be presented as a treasured gift, from our ?ohana to yours.”
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Designed by Honolulu Cookie Company

Country: U.S.A.

City: Honolulu

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