Mastro Olive Oil

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/29/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The 6th uses info graphics as a source to engage the consumers of Mastro Family's line of olive oil products. The design combines tradition with a modern twist by using a classic set of bottles and jar in conjunction with symbolic references. This gives the consumer an all-in-one label to where they are able to briefly and effectively understand Mastro's identity and the brand itself.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"We created labels for Mastro Azienda Agricola that describe with info graphics all the things that are commonly left written on the back of the packagings. All the ingredients are italian and 100% organic, all the products are handmade: olive oil, tomato sauce and blonde oranges marmalade."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by The 6th

Client: Mastro Azienda Agricola

Country: Italy

City: Milan


Creative directors: Emanuele Basso &

Elena Carella 

Graphic design: Emanuele Basso 

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