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Duke of Delhi

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/24/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Bright Greens Brands takes the rich culture of India and puts it into Duke of Delhi's branding and packaging design. Before arriving at the design, a story about the Duke of Delhi was formed.

"While pondering on the new identity I wondered who the Duke of Delhi might be: Was he an Englishman in India, or an Indian in England? And how would he travel? I decided that a horse-drawn royal carriage would be suitable in Britain or, if in India, then by royal elephant. Seeing my sketches in front of me, it just suddenly seemed the most obvious thing to do - put the two together, mixing the eccentricities of both cultures in one simple logo."

Barney Bryant

This resulted in vividly colored labels, representing  India's culture, containing a narrative that travels across the bordered landscape.

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"The identity was then applied to brightly printed card headers and we sourced cellophane bags, a transparent and biodegradable alternative to plastic film. After the initial rebrand of the biscuit packs, the client wanted to launch a new product - Delhi Mix - a Bombay mix with a quirky British twist, packaged in 'tiffin-style' tins. The clients wish to reach the shelves of high end retailers came to light when the Delhi Mix range was selected by Fortnum & Mason, now sold exclusively."

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Designed by Bright Greens Brands

Client: Duke of Delhi

Country: United Kingdom