by Ivan Navarro on 09/08/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Swedish design agency, Silver, was tasked with re-designing ICA's private label tea brand. The existing design was perceived as pale, dated and failing to stand out on the shelf. Silver's aim was to appeal to consumer's emotions by tailoring the design to its target group, while also adding new flavors.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph
“In thoroughly overhauling the range and a re-design, ICA can better position itself in tea with a more emotional approach, focussing on happiness and situations. Framing the moment of tea and the flavours in an aesthetic that is close to the hearts of the target group. A comfortable, caring feel in a patchwork of fun colors.”
— Silver
Editorial photograph

Agency: Silver

Concept Director: Jacob Bergström

Art Director: Malin Mortensen

Production Manager: Ida Stagles

Production Designer: Monica Holm

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