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California to the Core: Golden State Cider

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/08/2014 | 3 Minute Read

160over90 brings wit to the hands of apple lovers everywhere with Golden State Cider’s packaging design. The design focuses heavily on typography printed across a white slate, with a color palette of orange and teal representing its home state of California. The tin can is rimmed with teal, framing the company’s emblem and statement on the back. With the use of an assortment of typefaces in combination with wordplay, the brand’s identity of being good-natured and lighthearted, shines through. 

"We set out to create a brand that personifies the California lifestyle—confident yet carefree, active and adventurous,” said Tammo Walter, vice president and executive creative director of 160over90’s Newport Beach office. “Our experience in branding spirits and consumer packaged goods primed us for this launch, and the opportunity to brand a California-centric product really resonated with our West Coast team."
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"All-natural Golden State Cider is made from 100 percent freshly pressed West Coast apples, with no added sugars, concentrates, gluten, or excess water. Similarly, the Golden State Cider brand exudes a coastal, carefree vibe with a bright color palette of orange, cream, and teal, and a playful sea otter mark. And with messaging like, ‘From our orchard to your table, or surfboard or lawn, or rock or hood, or backpack or hammock,’ Golden State Cider wholly embodies California’s on-the-go, explorative nature."
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"To accompany this month’s draft release, 160over90 designed branded Golden State Cider pint glasses, coasters and cocktail napkins, keg collars, tap handles, and table toppers to fully outfit North Bay bars and restaurants. Promotional swag also includes Golden State Cider t-shirts and beach towels. And looking ahead, 160over90-designed Golden State Cider cans and carry boxes will hit California shelves late this summer."

Designed by 160over90

Client: Golden State Cider

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles

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