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Maitoa Suomesta – Milk from Finland

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/17/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Creative agency 358 designed bright, watercolor inspired packaging for Arla milk in Finland.

The project was initiated after Arla began selling exclusively local milk in Finland. The agency took the task of designing the packaging to reflect the brand's new approach and the milk's origins. 

"The design process resulted in a clear concept based on water-colored illustrations that make the packages instantly recognizable. The packages are livened up with seasonal details. Each product type has its own motif to ease consumer navigation. Stripes indicate basic milks, balls point out low-lactose products whereas waves mean non-lactose. Bacteria-boosted soured milks are sign-posted with triangles." - 358
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The newly-designed packaging has a hand-drawn, authentic style, while at the same time reflecting a very modern and approachable strategy to reach its buyers. The colorful brushstrokes are visually engaging and the graphics are cute, friendly and appealing. 

Agency: 358Strategist: Peter Barmer, Olli Laaksonen Designer: Mikael Kivelä, Elina VuorinenIllustrator: Sanna Mander Copy: Iina Merikallio, Ad: Tuukka Tujula, Isa JokelaCTD: Kimmo Tupala CD: Iina Merikallio, Tuukka TujulaProducer: Elina Fredén City: HelsinkiCountry: Finland

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