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Grey Goose Boulangerie François Camionnette

by Ivan Navarro on 09/18/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Integrated branding agency Ragged Edge has created the The World’s Most Intimate Martini Bar, hidden inside a beautifully restored Citroen van.

"As part of an integrated campaign for Grey Goose vodka, the agency will launch the ‘Boulangerie François camionnette’ across a number of cities throughout the UK this year. Housing just two guests and a mixologist, the luxuriously appointed bar is designed to bring the brand’s intrinsic story to life though a private cocktail consultation where guests receive a bespoke Grey Goose Martini tailored to their taste."

This is great example of a brand moving beyond the store shelf to give consumers a memorable experience that will undoubtedly be associated with the Grey Goose brand.  By positioning a premium product through a proper and elegant presentation, the brand is able to physically deliver on the promise of quality, exclusivity, and great design. All monikers a premium consumer can recognize. As consumers begin to demand more quality attributes from the brands they invest in, brands must quantify this "want" with tangible experiences that tantalize all the senses. 

The Camionnette

"Ragged Edge oversaw the restoration of the Citroen H van, and the design of the fully functioning luxury bar. The outside communicates the brand intrinsic story through a window showcasing bread made from the same superior wheat used to create Grey Goose vodka.

A peep hole on the reverse enables the curious to get a glimpse of the secret martini bar inside. The bar has been fitted using a range fine materials; marbles, leathers, bronze and brushed metals, etched glass, and bespoke lighting."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The campaign

"The camionnette is the focal point of a scalable, integrated campaign where Ragged Edge will deliver events and activations in the on and off trade, supported by PR and digital campaigns. It will launch in the UK summer 2014 before being rolled out across key cities in the UK and globally. The campaign follows the successful launch of Boulangerie François in London last year."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Ragged Edge

Interior Design: Brady Williams 

Photography:  Jason Bailey and Marcus Peel.

Country: UK 

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