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Before & After: Barista Single Origin Coffee

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/18/2014 | 2 Minute Read

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Norwegian creative agency Neolab by Knowit implemented a fresh, Scandinavian re-design for Norwegian coffee retailer Friele. 

In response to changing consumer habits, Friele wanted to re-design its Barista coffee line to target new groups of coffee drinkers with an increased interest in coffee knowledge and brewing know-how for its retail and large scale production outlets.

"The shelf impact [of the old Barista line] was weak. It had both espresso and blends mixed in between the singles, becoming a blurry mix of eight different blends, grinds and roasts. By moving them out we made a stronger concept and more logical product line by presenting single origin products only." - Neolab by Knowit 

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The new design features a chic, satiny finish paired with on-trend geometric patterns and metallics that give Friele new possibilities for design. 

"The packaging structure is not unique, but it's well-fitted for large industrial production and gave space for a more graphic look. Talking to a more demanding target group, we went for a fresh, modern but delicate expression. A soft metallic blue gave us a distinction to the category. Circles in pastels made a stop effect and linked the products together. All together a more graphic look with stronger impact, fresh contrasting color codes to separate country of origin and a set of patterns was designed for each of the origins." 

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The integrated design concept combined with advertising copy that simplifies the language and roasting profiles is an impressive undertaking to improve the brand's appeal. 

Agency: Neolab by Knowit

Country: Norway

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