London Design Festival kicks off this weekend

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/12/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Beginning September 13, the London Design Festival kicks off in the name of art and design throughout the city. 

The nine-day event, created by design experts Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans in 2003 to establish London as a major design capital, attracts more than 350,000 people from around the world. Last year, the festival featured more than 300 design projects and hundreds of staged events. 

Exhibitions and activities at the event are presented from a huge range of businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, manufacturers and retailers and the festival will present an agenda of talks, installations and activities for festival-goers, including a Landmark Project from BMW, among others, that will engage viewers in interactive and immersive experiences. 

The festival's Landmark Projects commission artists and designers to create new works in prominent London spaces. 

For more information about the festival and to see a line-up of events, visit


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