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by Ivan Navarro on 08/07/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Torreblanca is a small winery near the Garraf natural park in the Catalonia region of Spain. As most of the winery's production is shipped out of the country, Paga Disseny focused on a design that pulled  inspiration from the diversity of local Mediterranean fauna.  The result is this fun design featuring anthropomorphic creatures you may, or may not, recognize!

A lizard sticking out from american aloe leaves, a butterfly resting on a vine leaf and a wine enthusiastic rabbit controlling the aging of wine. 
The fauna of Olèrdola (Barcelona), where Torreblanca vineyards are located, inspires us to create these characters that illustrate the labels, in a reference to the non-human characters from "Alice in Wonderland", one of the favourite tales of the owner of the winery in her childhood. 
Editorial photograph

Design by Paga DissenyIllustration: Ester GarcíaCountry: Spain