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Penhaligon's Bayolea

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/02/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Aimed at ‘the modern gentleman’ and inspired by the ‘witty and wildly creative’ personality of parent brand Penhaligon’s, global design agency jkr designed a new range of men’s grooming products called Bayolea.

Editorial photograph

The 15-item Bayolea range - the first complete male grooming range from the boutique perfumer - includes an Eau de Toilette, aftershave splash, hair pomade and facial scrub. 

"The design takes its influences from Edwardian-era print styling, with a heavily typographic and ornate aesthetic that is closely aligned with Penhaligon’s visual equities. We opted for a monochromatic color palette to complement the silver colors of the tubs and tins, giving us a sophisticated and masculine feel. An injection of lime green around the borders gave us a modern twist" - Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, Creative Director at jkr.

Editorial photograph

The playfulness and eccentricity of the parent brand comes through in the detail: horizontal strokes across the ‘As’ of the Bayolea logo are moustaches, and scissors, combs, brushes and snippets of hair all make up the fine detail of the label’s embellishment.

Agency: jones knowles ritchie (jkr)

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

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