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Far North Spirits

by Barbara Zandvliet on 09/04/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Graphic designer Jenney Stevens teamed up with craft distillery Far North Spirits to produce branding and packaging design that reflects the Scandinavian roots of the company's founders.

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Solveig Gin and Ålander Spiced Rum are the first two releases from Far North Spirits, a field-to-glass craft distillery located on a fourth generation family farm in northwestern Minnesota.

Inspired and informed by the brand's heritage, Stevens produced an aesthetic that is understated, refined and authentic. 

"The overall design aesthetic is reflective of the founders’ Nordic roots. Solveig [SOUL-vai] is a traditional Scandinavian woman's name that combines the elements of sun (sol) and strength (veig). The delicate gold pattern on the milk-glass-like white bottle hints at the flavor of this soft, citrus-forward, floral gin. 
Ålander [OH-lan-der] is a small batch whole-spiced rum, named after the Åland Islands in the northern Baltic Sea. The black matte bottle reveals a glossy topographic map of Oak Island in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, a nod to Minnesota's lake culture and the location of the distiller's family cabin."
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The packaging expresses an opulence and luxury with a cool and refined minimalism that is very on trend.  

Designed by: Jenney Stevens 

Client: Far North Spirits 

Product Photography: Lauren Krysti, Tom Matre  

Country: U.S.A.