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99 Pack of Beer by Austin Beerworks

by Andrew Gibbs on 08/27/2014 | 3 Minute Read

To launch their new Peacemaker Anytime Ale, Austin Beerworks enlisted design agency, Helms Workshop to create its most adventurous promotional packaging yet: a limited edition 99-pack.

Recognizing that drinkers were confused and turned-off by the “extra pale” classification, the brand set out to better represent its light beer brand to consumers and preempt the launch of the brewery's new Peacemaker packaging design.

"We found that people see 'extra' and 'pale' together, and they think it's really hoppy. We felt that it was setting up expectations different than what the beer was, and that people who really like it were turned off by the name. We really wanted to use the package itself as a tool to reinforce the message that you should have one on hand for any moment." - Helms Workshop 

Austin Beer Works produced just 20 cases of the massive package, which weighs in at eighty-six pounds, and measures more than seven feet in length. The 99-Pack features a laundry list of “Anytimes” when consumers can enjoy the product. 

Helm complimented the release of the 99-pack with digital campaigns to extend engagement with buyers, including a micro-site capturing the unique challenges of getting home a 99-pack and a social platform for fans to post, tag and view their interactions with the product. 

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To get the word out about Peacemaker Anytime Ale’s 99-Pack, Helms Workshop and Austin Beerworks are bolstering a full outdoor and print campaign with social media and word-of-mouth. Tagging online posts with #AnytimeAle and following Austin Beerworks’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages is the only way to find out where these elusive packages are sold.

The Anytime Ale 99-Packs will be available in stores later this week for $99 each. For complete details, click here.

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Design: Helms Workshop

Art Direction & Design: Christian Helms

Copywriting: Mike Woolf, Christian Helms & Michael Graham

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