Sweet Virtues Superfood Truffles

by Barbara Zandvliet on 08/27/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Project Packaging assisted in the production of custom packaging for these indulgent, handmade superfood truffles from start-up company Sweet Virtues

Sweet virtues wanted a packaging design that was just as luxurious and uncompromising as the flavor of their nutrient-dense truffles. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph
"Several opening styles were prototyped, but the client settled upon the tall off-lid option with the base of the box partially exposed to reveal the flavor. A matte black has been used to line the bottom compartment’s interior where the truffles are housed. 
Initially, an uncoated, raw looking paper was to be used for the outer printed wrap, however after testing it was decided that this would not stand up to constant use. The idea is that boxes will be kept by the consumer after the yummy contents have quickly been devoured." - Project Packaging
Editorial photograph

A matte laminate protects the outer printed box wrap and brings out the rich, vibrant colors used on the packaging. The playful fruit vignettes and interesting logotype initials are iconic and a welcome collectible for any box/trinket lover. 

Agency: Project Packaging

Country: United Kingdom

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