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Launching Today: Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Deck by Turnstyle

by Jessica Deseo on 09/03/2014 | 4 Minute Read

We are pleased to announce DeckStarter's latest launch:

Curiouser and curiouser. From design studio Turnstyle comes two limited-edition decks of playing cards inspired by Lewis Caroll’s classic fairy tale, the magical and surreal world of Alice in Wonderland

Modern styling combined with lavish Art Nouveau/Art Deco ornamentation transport us down the rabbit hole to a surreal world presided over by the Queen of Hearts. Iconic quotes from the story are peppered throughout the deck and on the tuck box. Court cards feature typographic royals with custom suit symbols as crowns. Attention to typographical nuances, including a bespoke “double” typeface, are evocative of the mysterious parallel worlds of both Wonderland and cardistry—where sleight of hand means that what you see is not necessarily what you get.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Steve Watson of Turnstyle originally submitted this deck for us after he created it as a promotional piece for his son's elementary school's stage production of Alice in Wonderland. After falling in love with the deck, we approached Steve to launch and produce this stunning promotional deck.

"My wife, Bret Ashlee, leads a drama program for the PTA at the elementary school my 8-year old son attends. The goal of the program is to develop confidence by exposing students to theatre arts. This past school year they put on a stage production of Alice in Wonderland Junior. The production included a cast and crew of over 165 kids (K-5) who put on four shows, with total attendance topping 1600. 
Under the auspices of Turnstyle, Steve kindly contributed his graphic design service by creating a brand for the show. Branded items included a show logo, playbill, posters, T-shirts and playing cards. The custom deck of playing cards were used to promote the show and were also incorporated into the costumes for the Queen and King of Hearts."

You can see the original materials produced for the stage production on the Turnstyle website here

Editorial photograph
“When I shared the original deck with Andrew Gibbs from The Dieline, he graciously invited us to adapt them for DeckStarter. This was a welcome opportunity for us to elevate the production value with meticulous printing on premium stock using metallic ink, embossing, foil stamping and varnish techniques. In the process of adapting the cards for DeckStarter, we have refined the design by adding metallic details on each card as well as adding and refining typographic nuances.We are grateful to Andrew and the team at Deckstarter for the opportunity to craft a premium deck of cards that meet or exceed our production expectations.”
— Steven Watson, Turnstyle Principal Creative Director
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Contribute to our campaign below to help us bring this special deck to life! 

About Turnstyle:

Turnstyle is a graphic design firm specializing in branding, art direction, print, packaging and websites. We believe that design is strategic, but that strategy is not design. We believe that the way something looks and feels really matters. That craft and execution really make a difference. We believe that style is an emotional shorthand; a simple way to say complex things. That ideas spark the intellect, but that design in the service of an idea stirs the soul.

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