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Kyya Chocolate

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/20/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Designer Greg Jackson, of Thinkpen Design, created a line of packaging for KYYA Chocolate to help differentiate it from other chocolates on the shelf. The design centers around the brand and their logo by using it as a background image for the square paper-made container. Each type of chocolate has its own color helping the consumer easily tell one from another visually. The logo, that is present throughout the packaging resembles tree branches, which can be associated with authentic, natural products.

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“Kyya Chocolate is a locally created upper- to mid-price point artisan chocolate based on single origin beans from 10 different countries. The visual branding and positioning of this chocolate is geared toward both the small coffee shop as well as specialty regional grocers. The brand is built on the visual elements inspired by the cacao plant as well as generally earthy textures but then with just a light, careful infusion of modern to reflect how the target buyer sees herself.”
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Client: Kyya Chocolate

Designer: Greg Jackson

Country: United States

Designed by Thinkpen Design