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Yoguta Ice Cream

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/15/2014 | 2 Minute Read

LOWE AGE developed Yoguta Ice Cream, from start to finish. Everything from the development of the product itself, shape and size, to the amount of toppings and fruit was done by LOWE AGE. The packaging's use of soft pastels are intended for a younger female customer, who is design savvy and looking for a fruity treat.

"When the leading producer of ice cream in Lithuania - DADU - decided to introduce first in the market yogurt ice cream, it got targeted at design savvy generation of female (aged 20-30) buyers. Minimal design of a retro nature, as well as ultimately clear concept was chosen: the brand name YOGUTA suggests the yogurt, product depiction builds realistic expectations for fruit presence, the design stands out from typical FMCG crowd of splashes, retouched fruits and flares. What more, the agency participated in developing the product itself: the size of a portion, the type and amount of glaze and fruit, even the manner of jelly swirl."
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by LOWE AGE          Country: Lithuania     

Strategy: Andrius Verseckas 

Creative direction: Mantas Ma?iulskis 

Copywriter: Aira Tum?nait? 

Art direction: Jolanta Vasiliauskyt? 

 Designer: Žydr?nas Strumila

 Designer: Žydr?nas Strumila

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