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Sand Packaging

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/09/2014 | 3 Minute Read

This particular packaging created by Alien and Monkey isn't one to be expected. For starters, it's designed to house a product that is not created by man, but by sea. Their packaging for sand is quite unique as it borders between the art and design worlds, using the very product it contains as the substrate and transforming it into a solid cinder block-like shape.

The sensation of breaking into the structure, like cracking an egg. The feeling of it crumbling beneath your fingers, and knowing that it can never return to the state it was once in, introduces a whole other experience for the user. 

"Sand packaging design uses one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create ephemeral packaging for precious gifts.
As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, once our sand packaging has fulfilled its purpose, it can be broken down to sand and disposed directly back to the environment.
Our hand made sand packaging design explores ritual and psychologies behind the process of discovering a gift.
The gift is sealed inside this sand packaging, and by breaking the packaging its hidden content can be revealed. Destroying the packaging during its opening provides a unique sensory experience and creates a long-lasting memory for the person who discovers the gift."
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"Sigmund Freud wrote, 'when objects are lost, subjects are found.' The idea is that the loss of the object awakens the feeling of longing and attachment in the owner as they have witnessed its decline. It makes the owner want to rediscover the object, as it is in their memory and has, in some way, become a part of them."
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"Employing traditional ceramics techniques and a touch of alchemy particles of sand are mixed with other natural minerals and then compressed and dried, this material does not contain any resin or glue.
Because sand is a locally available resource nearly everywhere on our planet, it can be made where it’s needed, reducing the need for shipping."
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Designed by Alien and Monkey

Country: Spain

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