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Mondo Nougat

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/08/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Designed by Dessein, this vibrant packaging uses contemporary food plating to display the wonderful flavors that are infused in Mondo Nougat. Using the main ingredients this way, Dessein achieves energetic patterns bursting with color, while also conveying the idea of transparency.  

"Mondo nougat is hand-made to a traditional Italian recipe handed down through the generations. To capture the very essence of this series of sweet creations, Dessein highlighted the quality of each key ingredient through creative food styling - sensationalizing the uniqueness of each individual flavor.
The delicacy of these flavors on the palate, the vibrancy of the cherry, cranberry and pistachio colors against the silky white nougat inspired the design that ensued. Delicately combining ingredients in sophisticated patterns swirling around the central title celebrate the individuality and attention to detail behind the process of making the nougat. Sealed in plastic and foil pouches for maximum freshness, the addition of the outer cardboard wrap adds stability for display and presents these simple sweets as a special delight to be shared and enjoyed at anytime."
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Designed by Dessein

Country: Australia