Hands Off My Chocolate!

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/07/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Yellow Dress Retail B.V. designs dynamic packaging for an unconventional chocolate company called Hands off my chocolate. Like the company itself, Yellow Dress throws the idea that chocolate tasting is something to be taking seriously out the window by experimenting with bold colors and quirky illustrations. With a name like this who cares if you're a little possessive and unwilling to share? 

"Hands Off My Chocolate is the challenger of the chocolate category and wants to break the current design codes in the chocolate world. The goal is to make new products that chocolate lovers will love.
For an optimal mouth feeling the chocolate pieces are round instead of the usual square. And you can enjoy unique flavors like 'white meets milk' and 'melting milk'.
The insight that you have to share a lot in this social media driven society is the starting point for this design. We believe everyone needs more little moments of joy just for themselves. This chocolate bar is too delicious to share with anyone else but yourself. This is shown by 5 different characters who scream 'Hands off!'. On each piece of chocolate is written 'mine'."
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Yellow Dress Retail B.V.

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

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