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Piedra Negra

by Ivan Navarro on 08/04/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Piedra Negra is an organic arabica coffee brand hailing from Ecuador. Quito based Alma created the graphic design and illustration for the coffee bags, drawing from their inspirations of mysticism and world travel.  With "Tales to share" as a call to action, this design banks on the universal coffee paradigm of getting together over a cup of coffee. 

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As per Piedra Negra“Our coffee comes from the best Arabica coffee plantations in the country. The specific conditions under which plants grow our coffee, the special care taken in the selection of beans and correct processing of these guarantee the excellent quality of our coffee.”
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

This coffee bag design stands out for the beautiful illustration that pops on both white and black packs. Not only does the design engage the consumer, but the amount of detail pulls they eye in to further inspect the intricacies of the line work and bursts of color. The stylized wing drawing, which seems to reference the wing of a Monarch butterfly, also maintains a sense of heritage commonly seen in Latin American brands. 

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Design by AlmaCountry: Ecuador 

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