NADÈGE Macaron Series

by Jessica Deseo on 07/29/2014 | 6 Minute Read

Toronto based patisserie, NADÈGE launches an exclusive and collaborative macaron packaging. Each month a new macaron box design will launch featuring a new artist. This will continue from August 1 — until January 16. NADÈGE wanted to contribute to the growing art community and decided to launch a series of unique art work from various designers from a variety of disciplines.

The artist boxes will launch in succession beginning with Virginia Johnson’s design followed by Steve Krug. The first launch which is this Friday, August 1 with Virginia Johnson. Virginia is a Textile Designer and Illustrator. Her design is inspired by French orange blossoms. These orange blossoms create a beautiful composition and pairing with the macarons. 

The next design is to launch September 5, by Steve Krug and Jennifer Weaymouth. This duo composed an avant-garde still and photographed this modern white-on-white composition. The design is fitting to NADÈGE ascetics and work exquisitely with the macaron box. 

 "Multidisciplinary Collectors’ Series Spans From Art and Animation to Photography,Fashion and Illustration

Toronto-based patisserie NADÈGE debuts a limited edition Artist Packaging Series for their popular line of french macarons on Friday, August 1st. The collectors’ series features the imaginative work of six Canadian artists as designed to wrap around a 16-macaron box. From original art works, to re-conceptualized iconography, narratives starring favorite characters, and a completely staged trompe l’oeil room, the artistic process and resulting designs are incredibly diverse. The artist boxes will launch in succession beginning with Virginia Johnson’s (Illustrator and Fashion Designer) design followed by: Steve Krug (Photographer), Jerome C. Rousseau (Luxury Shoe Designer), ROLLOUT (Creative Studio), Brandon James Scott (Animation Artist) and Matthew Del Degan (Creator of Lovebot).
The project is a nod to the vibrant Toronto arts community that continues to inspire Chef Nadège Nourian since founding her eponymous flagship boutique on Queen Street West five years ago, explains Nourian:
“I was inspired to develop a project that would involve artists from all fields—after all, our Queen West shop is immersed within one of Toronto’s most creative communities. We decided to give artists free reign on a “blank canvas”—our 16-macaron box. The packaging is simply wonderful—I can’t pick a favorite!”
Each artist box includes a corresponding artist bio and inspiration and will launch alongside a complementary artist macaron developed by Chef Nadège Nourian (available in-store, and online as part of the assorted selection, for one month following launch date).Project Artists & Launch Dates
The artist boxes launch monthly and will be available for purchase in NADÈGE boutiques and online for Canada-wide shipping.

It's always so appreciable to see business' working with their community. This idea to bring local flare to NADÈGE and their macaron packaging is great way to expose local artists and the talent Toronto has. Personally I'd love to see this campaign go on longer than January and feature even more disciplines. The creative talent executed in this collection is already so beautiful and intriguing that I'd just like to see more of it!

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Virginia Johnson (Textile Designer and Illustrator)

Virginia Johnson is a textile designer and illustrator based in Toronto, known for her colourful prints that decorate clothing, shawls, stationery and home furnishings. Virginia’s inspiration draws from a property she rented in France one summer called L’Orangeraie in which she explains, “I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than to paint orange blossoms for my favorite French patisserie!” 
Retail and online launch: August 1
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Steve Krug (Photographer, Krug Studios)

Steve Krug, an award-winning member of the Toronto photographic industry, collaborated with Creative Director Jennifer Weaymouth to create a dynamic macaron box that has a story to tell. The pair focused their multi-faceted narrative around the theme of celebration, drawing inspiration from an avant-garde tea party. The team from Krug Studios and Prop Stylist Christina Yan developed several 3D models to bring an intricate white-on-white scene to life; from carefully placed ‘spilt milk,’ to taping balloons just-so, and the fishing line used to achieve the perfect tumbling chair. Tongue and cheek, modern and technically astute, the no-it-isn’t-yes-it-is trompe l’oeil result is magical, and reflects the aesthetics of both NADÈGE and Krug Studios. 
Retail and online launch: September 5
Editorial photograph

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NADÈGE offers a delectable array of high quality and original gourmandises. Fourth generation pastry chef and acclaimed culinary talent, Nadège Nourian, launched the first NADÈGE location in 2009. The clean modern design of the flagship Queen Street West café — and its sumptuous cakes, macarons, chocolates, biscuits, marshmallows, pastries and sandwiches — have made NADÈGE a must-see-and-taste attraction for locals and visitors alike. A second location, as well as a new product range, followed in 2011: NADÈGE on Yonge street crafts, and exclusively retails, a line of house-made chocolates, 12 flavours range in darkness from 60% to 85%. Nourian delights her customers by continuing to develop new and exciting seasonal collections and projects: chocolate Alphabet Tablets (From A to Z), special cakes and limited-edition macarons, among them. NADÈGE offers national shipping as well as in-store pick-up via the NADÈGE e-boutique.

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