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What is the Future of Packaging?

by Andrew Gibbs on 07/28/2014 | 2 Minute Read

As the founder of The Dieline, there is one question that I have been asked more than any other in my career: What does the future of packaging look like? It is the most challenging question to answer, predicting the future of an industry based on what I see today. 

Through The Dieline, I have been able to document and see the past, and the present state of package design and consumer products. In the past several years, I have seen trends come and go, and have seen packaging change and evolve. The global economic landscape has shifted and the business of design, and the role of designers everywhere have changed. But what about the future? What’s next for packaging?

This question has been on the top my mind, and on the mind of many design leaders and practitioners in our industry that I have spoken with in the past few years. I knew that the answer to this complex question was beyond myself, so I decided to create a once in a lifetime gathering of the experts to answer the question in the way it deserves. Meet The Dieline Summit. 

With The Dieline Summit, we intend to create a true future-forward discussion that challenges the status-quo, and inspires creators of packaging and products to help solve today’s global problems and change the world through package design. Lead by cutting-edge sociobiologist Rebecca Costa, the goal is to answer the elusive question with hard facts, and future insights from our 6 speakers, who together represent the industry on every level.

I invite you to join us in Paris at The Dieline Summit this November for a once in a lifetime inside peek into the future of packaging and consumer products.

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Take advantage of our early booking rate at 980 € includes VAT (TAX) and ends September 15th. After September 15th rate goes to 1,400 € including VAT (TAX).

All-inclusive: Cocktail reception, hosted lunch, coffee breaks, transport to and from Emballage, and a free pass to the 2014 Emballage Expo.

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