The Other Oil

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/06/2014 | 2 Minute Read

"At Pace Design and Advertising" gives a humorous take on the “origins of oil” by fusing together how machine oil is produced with how olive oil is. The tin container is of similar substrate but freshed up with a sunny yellow. The yellow background with red text is a combination of colors that is typically used at fastfood places because its associated with high energy. In this case, the color palette is used representitive of the labor intensive act of making olive oil. The black and white illustration has a larger than life olive that is topped with an oil well fountaining out  the product.

Editorial photograph
“The project was to design a can of olive oil for The Getty Family in South Africa. Mandatories: the use of the Getty Oil logo from the 50’s. You could say the rest was up to us, including the name.”
Editorial photograph

Designed by At Pace Design and Advertising

Client: The Getty Family

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town

Creative Director: John Pace

Designer: Jessica Laubscher

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