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Rengöra Juice

by Ivan Navarro on 07/28/2014 | 2 Minute Read

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Parallel, a creative agency out of Mexico, designed the identify for Rengöra, a line of all natural products with a special focus on modern lifestyles and healthy living. The main concept behind the product is a detox program comprised of raw cold pressed juices that come in a natural looking 6-pack, based around the consumer’s daily schedule. 

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“The brand’s name ‘Rengöra' is the swedish word for “clean”, due to the brand’s intention to give a feeling of “cleanliness” to the final consumer. Likewise, the naming process of the brand was carefully driven by our creative team, so the final naming selection would always represent the brand’s primary and essential values."
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

I appreciate the minimal approach to this design, because it truly allows the product to stand out.  For premium products like fresh juice, inundating the product with too many design elements is counterproductive, considering how stripped back the product is. By maintaining a simple brand structure, Parallel was able to convey the cleanliness of the brand, while also promoting the product inside. 

Creative Direction: Rubén ÁlvarezArt Direction: Jorge MarDesigner: An Rocio Reyes